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Educators worldwide are working to transform education through personalized learning, improved teacher development and performance, enhanced access to information, and more efficient management of the processes that facilitate teaching, learning, and research. FCG delivers database, middleware, hardware, and applications based on open industry standards. We offer complete, integrated, market-leading solutions that enable education institutions and jurisdictions to adapt to the changing needs and demands of all their constituents-students, teachers, parents, faculty, researchers, staff, graduates and alumni, governance bodies, and the extended community of supporters and stakeholders.

We have following solutions and service offerings for education vertical:

Student Information System

Course and Classroom Management



Enterprise Resource Planning

RFID Based Attendance Systems

Business Intelligence

Enterprise Content Management

IT Service Management

IT Security & Performance Management

Data Solutions

Our industry specific solution help you :

Improve: Decision making with receiving right information in right time

Increase: Efficiency and performance by streamlining business processes

Control: Inventory and cost

Attain: Corporate excellence by adopting best business practices

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