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Industrial manufacturers face increased global competition that is eroding margins while commoditizing many products. Meanwhile, customers are demanding lower prices, higher quality, new features, and customized services. To respond to these increased demands and maintain market share, manufacturers must learn to run lean. By removing any inefficiency—from the shop floor to the extended supply chain—a lean manufacturing operation has become the new differentiator. Lean companies can best leverage supplier expertise to help design manufacturability into their products—at a low cost. The challenge is to do all this while still maintaining—or increasing—quality.

With the manufacturing industry experiencing significant constraints on its bottom line, technology solutions that create efficiencies, improve business intelligence, and maximize the utility of existing investments are necessary for survival. FCG solutions are helping address the needs of your industry. With these solutions, you can manage your costs more effectively, by using integrated business intelligence, boosting performance, and gaining greater efficiencies.

We have following solutions and service offerings for manufacturing industry vertical:


Order Fulfillment

Supply Chain Management

Product and Job Costing

Product Lifecycle Management

Project Management

Production Planning, Bill of Material

Production Process, Scrap and By Product Management

Our industry specific solution help you :

Improve: Decision making with receiving right information in right time

Increase: Efficiency and performance by streamlining business processes

Control: Inventory and cost

Attain: Corporate excellence by adopting best business practices

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