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FCG works with retailers of all sizes to redesign the customer experience reinvigorate operational excellence and re-imagine growth. It allows retailers to create a unified view of information that delivers economic value to the whole business, from in-store operations to corporate strategy to supply chain and logistical management. Our solutions provide accurate, actionable data, fully integrated among store, merchandising, and financial operations, with the industry’s most complete set of applications, middleware, and technology infrastructure.

We have following solutions and service offerings for retail industry vertical:

Item Catalogue and Pricelist Management

Retail Operation Management

Point of Sale


Supply Chain Management


Business Intelligence

Enterprise Content Management

Data Solutions

Our industry specific solution help you :

Improve: Decision making with receiving right information in right time

Increase: Efficiency and performance by streamlining business processes

Control: Inventory and cost

Attain: Corporate excellence by adopting best business practices

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